About Surety CFO

We love equipping contractors with top-tier accounting systems so they can grow.

What motivates us

Contractors work too hard and take too many risks to be left stuck, simply because they struggled to find the team to get them to where they need to be.

We have seen too many excellent businesses languish because they never found a competent, highly capable construction accountant to get them setup properly, and it's nearly impossible to hit your stride if you settle for generalists or mediocrity.

We've built an amazing family and business here in New York, and now we have the privilege of helping contractors and even large commercial contractors transform their business with clear & effective processes & systems.

This is an absolute honor for us, and we're excited to have you check us out on the website.

Take Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

Our Team

We're a small team dedicated to contractors.
Paramita Bhattacharya MBA, MS

Paramita graduated from Hofstra University in 2012 with a Masters in Accounting; she also has an MBA in Finance from India.

Prior to moving to the United States she worked in the finance and banking industry in India. Before starting her own accounting firm in 2017 she worked for New York based local accounting firms. While doing the bookkeeping and taxes for small businesses she realized small business owners need much more help than being compliant. She chose to focus her practice around commercial construction and helps small to mid sized commercial construction companies get their books set up right for AIA billing and other payment applications, improving cash flow on jobs and most importantly getting financials ready for surety bonding purposes.

Paramita started Surety CFO to help commercial contractors  build  profitable and sustainable businesses.