Construction Bookkeeping Services

Construction Specific Bookkeeping Services

Advanced Bookkeeping Services:

Our cloud based bookkeeping services are designed to meet you where you need help, and add additional expertise when the time arises. You can choose from our menu which tasks you want to keep in-house and which tasks you want to outsource to CFO for contractor

If you have someone talented who doesn’t have an accounting degree, we’ll help them add more value to the company with training.  That’s one way you get an immediate ROI. 

  1. Accounts payable
  2. Accounts receivable
  3. Payroll
  4. Bank and credit card reconciliation
  5. KPI dashboard

Specialized Construction Bookkeeping

We'll setup a top-tier, project based, full charge bookkeeping system and then serve as your outsourced bookkeepers.

Within a week or two of hiring us, you'll see dramatic improvements in your productivity, financial reporting, clarity & ability to manage projects and profit.

We'll do the bookkeeping to a caliber far beyond your staff's abilities.

Ready to get top-tier construction accounting & bookkeeping services so you can really grow your profitability and scale?

Residential Contractors or Commercial Contractors

We also pride ourselves in serving the industries top firms, but providing smaller scale services for newer or smaller companies.

Whether you're a custom home builder, remodeler, developer or a major federal contractor, we're certain that we'll be able to help you increase profitability and scalability.

Simply put, you can scale much further, much faster.

Not everyone wants to scale, and for those customers, we focus on improvements on profitability.& efficiency, so they can enjoy running their business.

You shouldn't have to train accountants.

Contractors need competent accountants, but the mega contractors gobble them up fast.

You shouldn't have to be a trainer or expert, and yet it's tough to pay the wages required to a staff CFO or high-caliber accountant.

Materials & inflation hit you hard enough, you shouldn't pay through the teeth for a competent accountant.

We'll also work closely to train and help your team.

We know that our monthly retainer and project based pricing is advantageous for your operations, and we want to keep your team appreciating our services.

Your entire staff will be thrilled to work with us.

We Provide Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

As part of our "outsourced CFO & accountant" service, we can keep your books up for you, or we can get you setup and just help periodically.

We''re not your typical bookkeepers, we'll help you implement and then operate the progress billing, job costing, Work in progress, estimates and bonding financial packages that will help you grow.

  • We can work with your current staff
  • We lighten the load for your staff & deploy clear processes, leading to productivity & efficiency
  • We're dramatically more proficient in these systems than most people
  • You're financials will be run to perfection
  • Flat monthly contractor payments rather than needing to increase staffing

Construction Bookkeepers vs. Generalist Bookkeepers

We're not your typical accountants or bookkeeping team.

We leverage technology, deploy simple systems & rigorously pursue excellent full charge accounting along with project based systems.

Finding competent construction specialists is incredibly difficult, and they're very expensive.

Our small team of specialists will be better than staff, and you'll get all the benefits from a masters level CFO team.

You don't need to waste your staff time, your time, and you can increase your productivity within a week.

You don't need expensive software & staff to build a high caliber business.

We make implementing top-tier construction accounting systems a breeze, and we'll be your outsourced accountants & tax professionals for fraction of the price of staff CFO's or bookkeepers.

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